Huawei can’t wait for defense 76 million 10G transport core 6000mAh new flagship surprise


Huawei can’t wait for defense 76 million 10G transport core 6000mAh new flagship surprise

What about my mobile phone? Every day, many people around are looking for mobile phones. Every day, the news will always see a lot of people crashing into the car, dropping the ditch, and throwing a lot of accident news. Xiao Bian can’t imagine how the “mobile phone” will develop in the future, and what impact it will have on people’s lives. Just in life, mobile phones are indispensable, just reminding everyone to play mobile phones is still appropriate, Personal safety is the first. Today, Xiaobian will take you to talk about our domestic mobile phone, “ONEPLUS”, is not a lot of people have not heard, she is a domestic brand, so we still need to understand, today Xiaobian for everyone to bring It is a new machine from ONEPLUS called “One Plus 7”.

One Plus (ONEPLUS) is a relatively special existence in the rise of domestic mobile phones in recent years. It was born in China but became popular abroad, occupying a large part of the overseas market, but this year is also a direct pursuit of the domestic market. One plus 7 is about to be fierce. From the exposure map, it is just a screen that makes Xiaobian stunned. The machine uses a super AMOLED high-capacity screen with a full-screen touch screen design, which is almost 100% of the screen. Now on the market. I haven’t seen a real 100% full screen yet. The screen size of 6 inches, the screen aspect ratio of 19.5:9 design, is not super slender, smooth as water, directly a miracle in the phone.

One plus 7 strength bursts, from the design of the foreign media exposure, it can be brightly smudged Xiaobian eyes, at first glance, the whole screen is crystal clear, then Xiaobian is very curious, no front camera ? Look carefully, wow… the front camera is actually hidden, the machine is equipped with a front pop-up dual-lens lens, Xiaobian is really long-sighted, she is like a card slot, when taking a photo, press the next double.The camera pops up and is arranged side by side in the horizontal direction, with the LED flash on the right. And the machine’s front dual-shot effective pixels reach 20 million + 8 million pixels dual lens matching, and equipped with AI smart technology and HDR camera technology.

Huawei can’t prevent it. This one-plus mobile phone enlargement move can be described as a trick and then a move. This one plus 7 rear camera is equipped with a rear three-camera camera. The three cameras are arranged vertically in the upper part of the back of the screen. There is also an LED flash in the middle. This design method is officially the most popular design on the market. Moreover, the effective lens of the rear lens of this new machine reaches 23 million + 1200 + 41 million = 76 million pixels, the machine also supports 12X optical zoom technology and OIS optical image stabilization technology, this one plus new machine in zoom technology It is still very good.

One plus one flagship new machine subverted debut, this one plus seven new machine subverts all previous designs, with front-end pop-up dual-lens lens, also equipped with the latest and most current screen fingerprint recognition results technology, is equipped with Face recognition technology leads people to the forefront of the trend, making the overall appearance more beautiful, and other mobile phones simply can’t be embarrassed. This one plus 7 mobile phone body is also using Corning’s latest gorilla sixth generation glass material, the whole machine looks more smooth and stylish, simple atmosphere. The design of the aircraft is still very powerful under certain conditions, and it is also a new machine worthy of everyone’s expectations.

One plus 7 can attract thousands of people from the exposure design. Not only is the performance matched with the Snapdragon 855 processor, but also the running memory and storage memory of 128GB and 256GB. The running space is said to support a large space of 512GB, which is so high-end atmosphere. More worth mentioning is that it is said to have a built-in 6000mAh large battery, and is equipped with the latest wireless charging technology and 9V fast charging technology, and also supports IP68 level super waterproof function. Certainly it will set off a storm in the mobile phone industry. On the hardware processor, this one is also a huge sum of money to complete this machine, this one plus 7 equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon’s latest generation 855 processor, is currently the highest processor in Qualcomm Snapdragon, in Performance is comparable to computer processors. The machine is also equipped with Android 9.0 system and is expected to be equipped with 5G chip, it is equipped with wireless charging technology, with QC5.0 fast charging technology, in addition to support Bluetooth 5.0 technology, AI artificial intelligence technology, OIS anti-shake technology and PDAF focusing technology Wait, Xiaobian feels that such a good machine is worthy of many excellent people.



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