Huawei Mate20pro but I still want to buy iPhoneX

Huawei Mate20pro but I still want to buy iPhoneX


Huawei Mate20pro but I still want to buy iPhoneX

With the continuous enhancement of comprehensive strength, Huawei now dominates the domestic low-end market, and high-end machines have achieved quite good results. This year, shipments reached 200 million units, surpassing Apple to become the world’s second largest smartphone. Manufacturer. However, there is still a voice on the Internet that does not trust Huawei. For example, someone published an article in the forum titled “Huawei Mate20pro Sorry, I still want to buy iPhoneX”. After comprehensive analysis, the author summarizes the main points.

This year’s Mate20pro is Huawei’s strongest flagship, and Yu Chengdong has given the goal of 20 million units of sales, indicating that both the design and the hardware configuration are all down. On the one hand, Mate20pro uses a four-curved glass back shell with special texture, which is bright and radiant under the illumination of light. With the smooth transition of the aluminum middle frame, the edge gap of the whole machine transitions smoothly, supporting a certain level of waterproof and dustproof, and 6.39 The inch full visual curved screen also brings a good visual experience. On the other hand, Huawei Mate20 has a Leica-certified 64 million ultra-wide-angle three-shot. Under the super-handheld night scene, the imaging resolution is really remarkable. The 4200 mAh battery and the 40W super fast charge are all highlights. The new machine king of the country should have the momentum.

Huawei Mate20pro minimum price is 5399 yuan, this price is relatively large compared to the previous generation, plus the release has been nearly two months is still not in stock, the status of the scalper increase and snapped up has not eased, Again, again and again, it really tests people’s patience, so “I am trying to support Apple when I take the iPhoneX down to the historical low price.”

First of all, iPhoneX as Apple’s 10th anniversary product last year, has a good commemorative value, scalpel-grade stainless steel middle frame and double-sided glass combination, with large rounded OLED screen, visual integration is stronger than the curved Mate20pro, film difficulty and The possibility of screen explosion is also greatly reduced; secondly, iPhoneX is equipped with A11 bionic processor and running the latest version of IOS12 system. This kind of soft and hard combination is better than Mate20pro in daily app opening speed or game experience. After that, it must be changed. This is a well-known thing. Of course, the iPhoneX has dropped from 8388 yuan to 6599 yuan. It is also possible to get the mobile phone in the first time without waiting, fair and conscience.

According to netizens, he recognized the achievements of Huawei and confirmed the comprehensive performance of Mate20pro. After the iPhoneX, I still feel that the former is not as good as the latter in hardware and software. Although the price difference is nearly 1,000 yuan, considering the spot and After using the factors of three or five years, I finally chose the Apple mobile phone. It is regrettable that I don’t want to support it.


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