Huawei OPPO is challenged Zero border IP68 waterproof Snapdragon 720 Samsung Conscience


Huawei OPPO is challenged Zero border IP68 waterproof Snapdragon 720 Samsung Conscience

With the development of the times, all aspects of people’s daily lives have undergone earth-shaking changes, especially with the advent of the intelligent machine era, people’s perception of mobile phones is no longer a simple communication device. In the current era, mobile phones are tools that can satisfy people’s various audio-visual entertainments. Therefore, consumers are increasingly demanding mobile phones. Many mobile phone developers are designed to meet the needs of consumers in the design of screens. Various poses. When it comes to the design of the mobile phone screen, you have to mention the Samsung mobile phone. The screen design of the Samsung mobile phone is very personal. Recently, there is a foreign media exposure of a new Samsung concept machine, a Samsung power At present, the relevant renderings and materials of the aircraft will be exposed.

In the design of the screen, Huawei OPPO was challenged, why do you say this, because the most popular design is Huawei’s left drilling screen, and OPPO’s water drop screen design, but this time Samsung will be even better. As can be seen from the renderings, the screen of this new Samsung machine uses the design of the drilling screen, and is different from the common drilling screen design. The holes of the common drilling screen design are relatively small. The hole in this new Samsung machine is designed to be very large and directly embedded in the middle position, which is very beautiful. According to the data, the Samsung’s new screen has a screen size of 6.3 inches. The display is equipped with an OLED flexible display. It is not equipped with a SUPER AMOLED screen that is often equipped with a Samsung mobile phone. The screen width of this new Samsung machine is high. Compared with the ratio of 19:9, the resolution of the screen is 2K HD resolution, which is a high-value mobile phone.


In addition to the design, Huawei OPPO is challenged, as well as hardware and technology. Most mobile phones designed for drilling screens are equipped with a front camera on the front camera function, and the pixels are not too high, but the front camera of the camera is very large. According to the data, the Samsung’s new front-facing camera has 26 million pixels of pixels, equipped with the latest AI beauty system, which supports automatic switching and filling of scenes, and can adopt different beauty schemes according to different faces. This new Samsung machine also adopts COP packaging technology, which achieves a narrow and borderless design on four sides, and achieves a true zero border design. There is no speaker assembly on the upper frame of the machine, which means that the machine uses the under-screen sound technology, and the machine also integrates face recognition technology into the front camera.

As can be seen from the renderings, the rear camera of this new Samsung machine is rear-mounted dual-camera. In the mobile phone market in recent years, the rear camera functions of mobile phones are mostly three-shot and rear-mounted. Double shot, but since the beginning of this year, the rear three shots are the current mainstream, so the rear camera function of this new Samsung machine is considered to be a flaw in the machine, except for the two rear cameras on the back of the machine. There is also an LED flash unit, three components arranged side by side in the middle of the back of the fuselage, this Samsung new camera rear camera pixels: 24 million + 12 million pixels, equipped with HDR high dynamic shooting technology, can help users shoot The perfect photo.

Samsung’s face recognition unlocking function is very good, or Samsung’s unique face recognition unlocking technology, and in the current mobile phone market, basically every mobile phone will support the face recognition unlocking function, and the face The recognition and unlocking function is also one of the most popular mobile phone unlocking functions. This Samsung new machine supports the face recognition unlocking function and the fingerprint unlocking function in the unlocking function. It is unique to the Samsung mobile phone in the face recognition unlocking function. The technology is equipped with iris face recognition technology. This technology detects the user’s identity by scanning the iris in the user’s eyes. The machine also uses the screen fingerprint unlock technology to support the fingerprint unlock function.

The body of this new Samsung machine is made of glass. The material used is the sixth generation of Corning Gorilla. The back of the machine has no unique design. Like the anti-drug mobile phone, the back of the fuselage is solid. It looks very monotonous and clean. This new Samsung machine also supports IP68 waterproof and dustproof technology, and also retains the 3.5mm headphone jack design. This Samsung new machine has excellent endurance, and it is equipped with a piece. The 4000 mAh battery is also equipped with super fast charging technology. In terms of the battery capacity of this machine, it is only about 40 minutes to fully charge the mobile phone with this charging technology.

The most important part of a mobile phone is the performance configuration. The performance configuration is related to the running speed of the mobile phone, the user experience, and the performance configuration of a mobile phone is also related to the pricing problem of this mobile phone, and this Samsung new machine Performance configuration, although not comparable to some flagship machines, but has been able to compare with many current mobile phones, this Samsung new machine is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 720 processor, the performance of this processor is still very good, fully capable To meet the consumer’s requirements for mobile phone performance, this Samsung new machine starts with 6GB of memory and supports up to 8GB of storage memory. The machine’s storage memory starts with 64GB and supports up to 256GB of storage memory.


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