Huawei was challenged 81 million liquid cooling 2048GB 5000mAh flagship black horse bright sword

Huawei was challenged 81 million liquid cooling 2048GB 5000mAh flagship black horse bright sword


Huawei was challenged 81 million liquid cooling 2048GB 5000mAh flagship black horse bright sword

In the past two years, mobile phones have been “hot” than volcanoes. From big brothers to straight-screen button phones to shuttle phone phones to flip phones and now to all kinds of smart phones, the old models can only communicate and text messages. Now the elderly are spending their free time in the circle of friends, technology is progressing, human beings are developing, many brands are being eliminated in the rapids, and many brands are becoming stronger and stronger, such as “Apple”. The words “Samsung”, “Huawei” and “vivo” are all around the world every day. They all occupy a large part of the market in China and overseas. So today’s Xiaobian brings a Samsung S series. The new machine, named Samsung S10 plus, looks very good when you look at the name! Listen to Xiaobian’s martyrdom:

The strength of Samsung’s new machine is reappearing. When it comes to mobile phone screens, everyone should know that Samsung’s own screen is the smashing of the screen of the mobile phone industry. Ninety percent of the mobile phones on the market use Samsung’s screen. So as a home, Samsung’s all mobile phone screens are undoubtedly using their own many mobile phone manufacturers can be enviable. Samsung 10plus screen uses ultra-advanced AMOLED capacitive touch screen design, the sensitivity is very high, the screen is based on the most popular curved screen full screen design. The screen size of the machine is 6 inches, the screen color is up to 16 million color values, and the appearance is quite amazing. The back is made of glass material, which not only resists falling and strong pressure, but also has a delicate touch, giving a different visual sensory experience.

Huawei was challenged, and the drilling screen design made Huawei look at it and was challenged. From the design of the foreign media exposure, it is a small-sized eye, her front camera is actually in the upper right corner of the screen, Xiaobian has never seen the front camera in the upper right, and this S10 plus is also equipped with a front dual camera, arranged side by side, the effective pixels of the two cameras reach 20 million + 20 million pixels, and the aircraft is also equipped with AI smart technology, HDR self-photographing and automatic filter beauty technology And with the colorful surface magic screen, it is the perfect collision between beauty and technology! And the machine is also a very good design method in the lens shooting technology.

Samsung is really a big move this time, this Samsung S10 plus’s rear camera can be described as subversive, from the exposure design, the machine is equipped with a rear four-shot lens horizontally side by side arrangement, wow… This is the first mobile phone on the market with a rear four-shot lens. It’s too big! It is more than one grade higher than Note9, and the pixel of the rear lens of this new machine reaches 40 million +1600 + 13 million + 12 million = 81 million pixels. Beside the rear four-shot lens, it is also equipped with an LED flash and a heart rate sensor. It is a concern for your heart rate changes. This is another highlight of the new machine.

Samsung’s new machine began to shine the flagship ace, Samsung S10 plus has broken through the long-standing principle, the previous Note series, Galaxy A series have maintained a consistent unique style to design fingerprint technology on the back of the screen. This new machine has subverted all previous designs, with off-screen fingerprint recognition technology, walking at the forefront of the trend, and making the appearance more beautiful. The Samsung S10 plus body uses the sixth generation of Corning Gorilla glass, and the whole machine looks more delicate and stylish. From the parameters of the exposure, the machine is also equipped with face recognition, these design styles are one of the most popular design methods.

Samsung’s new machine is amazing, the design of the exposure, the body material of this new Samsung machine is matched with the glass material to design its body, the glass material is the Connie Gorilla 6 material, and the more explosive is said to be built-in 5000mAh large battery, and equipped with the latest wireless charging technology and 9V fast charging technology, also supports IP68 waterproof function. Seriously, it’s really a fighter in a mobile phone! The fuselage is said to have the design of the most popular new gradient color machine this year. This Samsung new machine also incorporates the technology of liquid cooling, ensuring the principle of ironing in the use of new machines, and doing a good calculation. Thermal effect.

The flagship dark horse bright sword, hardware processor, Samsung is even brightly forgotten, Samsung S10 plus from the exposure of the design on the map to win, not only the performance is matched with the Xiaolong 855 processor and Orion 9820 processor, while running The aspect is matched with 6GB/8GB running memory and storage memory 128GB, 256GB starting space, it is said that the maximum support for 2018GB of large space, whether it is scared, if it is true, then create a mobile phone on the market “The most”. The machine is also equipped with wireless charging technology, ready to charge at any time, but also with the fast charging technology of QC5.0, small writing is very exciting. The performance and value of this new Samsung machine is extremely powerful. Huawei was challenged. The machine was listed as a flagship black horse with a parameter of 81 million+ liquid cooling +2048GB+5000mAh. Samsung S10 plus striking strikes, to be honest, Xiaobian has been shocked by this powerful configuration, powerful configuration is almost equal to the computer, I believe that a listing will definitely kill the high-end machine on the market in an instant, this should prove a word “a blockbuster “This is a qualitative leap!” Such a tall mobile phone, it is said that the color will choose the most popular gradient color this year, but the pricing is still not clear, what price do you expect?



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