The difference between Huawei’s four series of mobile phones, glory, mate, Nova, and Maimang

The difference between Huawei's four series of mobile phones, glory, mate, Nova, and Maimang


The difference between Huawei’s four series of mobile phones, glory, mate, Nova, and Maimang

When it comes to domestic mobile phones, we will definitely mention domestic first- and second-tier mobile phone manufacturers such as Huawei, Xiaomi and OPPO. As a representative of domestic mobile phones, Huawei can be said to have done a good job in recent years. It has made its own brand features in the research and development of chips, systems and performance. At present, it has reached the top three positions in global sales. It is no exaggeration to say that Huawei has become the light of Chinese mobile phones.

Until now, there may be many netizens who can’t figure out the relationship between Huawei and glory, thinking that this is two independent brands. Because glory mobile phones have always adopted the English logo designed independently, in fact, glory mobile phone is only a series of Huawei mobile phones. Of course, this is Huawei’s use of this multiple different series of mobile phones in order to better meet the needs of different groups of people. The problem that many people can’t understand is that the six series of Huawei series, Maiman series, Nova series and imaginary series, mate series, etc. are different, and they are suitable for different people, so I will give you the following. Explain four of them.

Mate series

First of all, our first explanation is the hot mate series this year. Its mate 20 is called “the king of the machine” because of its high performance. The mate series of mobile phones can be said to be one of Huawei’s favorite series in many series. It is also a high-end consumer group. The positioning given at the beginning is simple and magnificent. This point is also favored by many young people. It is not only difficult to see how popular it is in domestic sales this year.

Maimang series

Compared to the mate series, Maimang seems to be a lot of restrained. Its main consumer group is campus students and second-tier city consumers, so the price will tend to be cheaper. But because there is no other series of input costs, the overall appearance of Maimang is only in a state of normality. Its series of mobile phones mainly cooperate with the three major operators in China, especially with Chinese telecom operators. Have you bought a mobile phone from the Maiman series during the student days.

Nova Collection

In the past two years, because Huawei’s various series have been doing well, in order to compete with other domestic first-line mobile phone brands, it has launched a new Nova series. This series of mobile phones is mainly aimed at the fast-fashioning young group, not only to improve the camera and optimize the lens, but also to focus on the sound quality and appearance of the mobile phone. In order to better attract young consumers, Huawei has also invested in a number of well-known celebrity advertisements, which has greatly increased its popularity in the market. If you are a member of the trend army, you will also like the Nova series that makes you shine.

Glory Digital Series

As the glory series of Huawei sales champions, its digital series mobile phones can say that the number of users has been rising in the past two years. The digital series of mobile phones can be said to have many advantages such as comprehensive cost performance and trend. From the overall point of view, it can be said that it has the appearance experience of combining both the atmosphere and the colorful. It is mainly the sales road, it is a real discount in terms of price, so it seems that its cost performance is also higher than other series. In terms of performance, it has already achieved a close match with Xiaomi.

Which of the above four Huawei mobile phones do you prefer? Welcome to comment on the Huawei series mobile phone you used below~ Let’s discuss it with everyone.


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