Don’t be brainwashed by the Glory V20. This phone is still the best model of Huawei.

Don't be brainwashed by the Glory V20. This phone is still the best model of Huawei.


Don’t be brainwashed by the Glory V20. This phone is still the best model of Huawei.

Recently, Huawei nova4 and Glory V20 were released. Some people think that their mobile phones have been bought early. Some people even think that their Magic 2 or Mate20 Pro has been bought early. After all, the glory V20 has a lot of “skills”. Some people even think that its highlights are more than Magic 2 and Mate20 Pro. When you see the appearance of a full-screen, you think that the “beauty tip” and bangs of MATE20 or MATE20 Pro have been eliminated. I tell you today, don’t envy these, MATE20 The series is still Huawei’s strongest mobile phone.

Glory V20 has some functions, actually MATE20 also has

The Glory V20 has always emphasized that there are dual-band GPS and supports the signals of the two bands L1+L5. It looks really strong, but I tell you that there are 3 MATE20s, Magic 2, but not at the press conference. After all, this feature is a bit crowded at the press conference of these mobile phones. In fact, it was mentioned at the press conference when introducing the Kirin 980. The Kirin 980 mobile phone will support dual-band GPS.

Next is the liquid cooling technology of the Glory V20. This function was also used in other models of glory. In fact, it is a small copper tube with a length of about 90mm in the upper part of the fuselage. It can pass Soc and Sensor. And the charging module is relatively hot, and then the heat is led to the middle frame position, the heat dissipation effect is there, but it does not involve liquid cooling, but a very common copper tube heat dissipation, but add this copper tube It does have the effect of slowing down fever, but you said that it is a new technology, really can’t talk about it, and it has a GPU Turbo and GPU Cloud. Now the MATE20 series update to EMUI9.0 will also have this function, this function In fact, it is a software-level function; the three-antenna WLAN actually prevents you from covering two antennas with your hands when using the mobile phone in landscape mode. If it is blocked, the third antenna will work and will not affect the use of WLAN.

Finally, its 4000mAh battery, MATE20, MATE20 Pro and MATE20 X battery capacity is divided into 4000mAh, 4200mAh and 5000mAh; as for V20 22.5W fast charge, MATE20 and MATE20 X also have, Pro version also has 40W fast charge, after all It is the flagship.

IMX586 is no better than IMX600

Other users have been brainwashed by IMX586. The IMX586 is really strong, but it is still not as good as the IMX600. After all, the IMX600 is a deep collaboration between Huawei and Sony, a camera customized for the MATE20 Pro and P20 Pro, and also a Quad Bayer, which also has four-in-one pixels. Its bottom is 1/1.7 inch, bigger than IMX586, IMX600 is the largest mid-range of mobile phone camera; IMX586 can synthesize a photo with 12 million pixels and 1.6μm pixel area, but IMX600 can output one a photo with a single pixel size of 2.0 μm;

You might say that after all, MATE20 Pro and MATE20 X use IMX600, MATE20 does not, but you don’t forget, MATE20 also has a wide-angle lens, and a telephoto lens, these are not available in the glory V20, super wide-angle, super micro The effect is MATE20 and V20 does not; but V20 has a TOF deep camera, this is not the three MATE20.


Wisdom vision function, by opening the camera to identify the items in life, up to the obvious poster, down to the calories of eating things, this glory V20 can do, MATE20 can also, after all, is Kirin 980, but glory V20 let YOYO build According to the learner’s movements and somatosensory games, these AR functions are not available in MATE20, because the learning action requires both the Kirin 980 algorithm and the TOF lens. The MATE20 has no TOF lens, and the less is the hardware. Realized.

Huawei MATE20Pro’s IP68, wireless charging, 2K OLED screen and 3D structure light unlocking needless to say, after all, the price is there, then the starting price of MATE20 is less than 4000?


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