Don’t change your New Year’s mobile phone. These four mobile phones are easy to use, and they are affordable!

Don't change your New Year's mobile phone. These four mobile phones are easy to use, and they are affordable!


Don’t change your New Year’s mobile phone. These four mobile phones are easy to use, and they are affordable!

As soon as the New Year is over, many people want to start a mobile phone a year ago. One is the reward for their hard work this year. Secondly, they can support their friends and relatives for the New Year. But this thing can’t be bought because it determines the quality of your life in the next two or even three years. I think that buying a mobile phone for the New Year mainly depends on four points: it is easy to use, not expensive, and it has to be affordable. Today, I will use these four points as a starting point to recommend four mobile phones that are currently worth buying.


Many people think that the iPhone XR is a cheap version of the iPhone. In fact, I think this idea is completely wrong. Because the iPhone XR is positioned lower than the iPhone XS series, it does not lose Apple’s flagship in terms of core features and experience. First of all, although the iPhone XR uses a 6.1-inch LCD screen, the display is not as good as the OLED screen on the iPhone XS MAX, but it is still the top level in the LCD camp. Although the border of the iPhone XR is wider than the flagship, it is better to be the same width on the four sides, so basically it won’t feel too wide after a period of time.

Performance aspect iPhone XR uses the same A12 processor as the flagship machine, Ann Bunny runs about 35W points, kill any Android flagship machine, can be used smoothly for three years is not a problem. Although the camera is single shot, but the effect is slightly inferior to Apple’s flagship machine, but the gap is not big, DXO ran a high score of 101 points, for most people is completely enough.

In addition, there are many places on the iPhone XR that surpass the performance of the flagship machine. For example, the iPhone XR is better than the iPhone XS series in terms of battery life and signal, and the design of the iPhone XR single-layer motherboard is more conducive to the heat dissipation and performance of the mobile phone. At present, the price of the ordinary version is about 6,000 yuan, while the price of the mobile 4G priority is about 5,500 yuan, which is in line with the standard of easy to use and not expensive.

OPPO R17 New Year Edition

In recent years, OPPO will launch the New Year’s version of the mobile phone during the New Year, and this year is the OPPO R17 series. The configuration of OPPO R17 New Year’s Edition is exactly the same as the normal version, but it takes a lot of effort in appearance.

The OPPO R17 New Year’s Edition is a red and gold color scheme with a very good New Year’s taste. The front side is still fingerprint recognition under the screen of the water drop screen, and the screen ratio is very high. The system’s icons and wallpapers have also been customized to maintain a high level of consistency with the look of the phone.

The back of the main body is also festive red, and the position of the camera is gold with 18K gold, and the whole machine looks very warm. The prints of Xiangyun and Jinpi are printed on the bottom, and the pattern of the golden pigs in the middle. The whole machine looks very auspicious and festive. The configuration is consistent with the regular version of the R17, the Snapdragon 670 processor +6+128GB, priced at 2799 yuan. If the Year of the Pig is your birth year, I think this mobile phone that is so stylish and easy to use is very good.

Huawei P20

Although Huawei’s new machine has been continuously, I think the Huawei P20 is still very competitive. First of all, the Kirin 970 processor is completely okay for most of the usage scenarios. Compared to the current 6-inch flagship, the 5.8-inch small-screen mobile phone can be easily mastered with one hand. The aurora color is very fashionable, as the old days. The workmanship and quality control of the flagship machine is also an excellent level, and the camera is also Huawei’s strength. In general, if you do not have high performance requirements, the Huawei P20 in the early 3000s is still very worthwhile.

Meizu 16

I don’t know if you have such a feeling. This year, all kinds of special-shaped screens have been seen in a circle, and it feels that Meizu 16 looks most comfortable. The value of Meizu 16 is one of the reasons for starting it. The second reason is its high cost performance. Xiaolong 845+6+64GB, under-screen fingerprint, linear motor, ultra-thin body, dual-speaker, water-cooled… only sells 2498, which is very suitable for easy use and has a face and affordable standard.


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