Huawei’s four thousand yuan machine with high cost performance, the price is 1399 yuan, which one would you choose?


Guide: Huawei’s four thousand yuan machine with high cost performance, the price is 1399 yuan, which one would you choose?

I don’t know if you have found out that the thousand yuan machine is more popular with users, and it has also driven a large sales volume in the market. The reason is that the mobile phone update is too fast to keep up with, the flagship machine price is too high, and the level of the thousand yuan machine is also. In the continuous improvement, users with a small budget have been aligning with the thousand yuan machine (intermediate machine). Today we have to talk about domestically produced Daxie Huawei, which has four high-cost thousand yuan machines, and the price is 1399 yuan, let’s see how their performance.

Glory 8X

Glory 8X is the best-selling mobile phone in this article. It broke the million-dollar sales very early, and won a number of championships, and the reputation is quite good. These are all due to their excellent performance and the price of conscience. The mobile phone is equipped with Kirin 710 processor, with GPU Turbo technology, the experience is more or less improved, with the opponent’s Snapdragon 660 is a fight; front 16 million pixels, support beauty and blur function, battery.The capacity is as big as the glory V10. The 3750mAh can guarantee a certain endurance. The lack of fast charging is not acceptable, but it is acceptable. It is a rare thousand yuan machine.

Glory 8X Max

The 8X Max is listed at the same time as the glory 8X. When the price was released, the price of the two was only one hundred. Now the price has been flat, but their external and internal and external differences are not only a little bit, but the front becomes a water drop screen. Design, screen increase, screen ratio is higher; the processor does not use its own chip this time, the standard version is 636 chip, weaker than Kirin 710; camera rear 16 million + 20 million pixels, although it is a thousand yuan machine It is also possible to take good pictures; in the end, the battery capacity has increased to 5000mAh. It can be said that the battery life is very powerful, and now the price drops by 100 to 1399 yuan.

Glory 10 Youth Edition

This phone is used to mark the friends of Xiaomi 8 youth version, the natural configuration can not be too bad, the front water drop screen is easier to enjoy than Liu Haiping, the back gradient color matching is very stunning in the hand, equipped with the same glory 8X The chip Kirin 710 also has GT technology blessing. Nowadays, users are paying more and more attention to self-timer. The front camera of this mobile phone has also been greatly improved. The front is equipped with a 24 megapixel camera, which supports beauty and blurring functions. The overall level is remarkable, which is also a big part of the machine. The selling point, and the price of 1399 yuan can more or less have a certain impact on the friends.

Huawei enjoy 9plus

This enjoyable 9plus is more like the glory 8X twin brother, using the Kirin 710 chip, the experience will not appear obvious carton phenomenon, playing games is also very energetic, the difference is that the front is equipped with two cameras, phase Compared with the single-shot glory 8X self-timer, there is an advantage, but the rear is not comparable to the glory 8X, and the battery capacity has also increased, built-in a 4000mAh battery, life does not need to worry. As for the price, compared with the 1499 yuan just released, it is now also the profit of 1399 yuan, it is also worth considering.

To sum up:

Through the above description, we can find that Huawei is taking the sea tactics in the thousand yuan market. The four models are obviously similar, but they have become four new machines. Fortunately, the overall performance is OK, and the price is also. Counting conscience. As for this sea tactic, some people think that Huawei is not kind, but I think Huawei can understand this. After all, it can drive more sales at home, why not! Finally, what kind of models do you choose for Huawei’s four 1399 yuan thousand yuan machines? Or is it 100 yuan to start a better glory play? Welcome to the comment area to talk about your views.




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