iPhoneX before the Spring Festival, the fruit powder cheers: the border is beautiful

iPhoneX before the Spring Festival, the fruit powder cheers: the border is beautiful


iPhoneX before the Spring Festival, the fruit powder cheers: the border is beautiful

When the Aiding family decided to release the red and black faith version, it caused a heated discussion among custom lovers. The Aiding family has been customizing for so many years and has become a brand in the field of product customization. When people think of product customization, they will think of the Aiding family first.

Phone Xs is still a controversial mobile phone from the time of its release. There are quite a few over-seeking iPhones that can make a huge breakthrough. Because iPhoneX is positioned at a high level after all, everyone needs a personalized mobile phone, but there is no. After the release, iPhoneXs is still the same, there is no way to open the grade with other mobile phones, mainly because the colors are too monotonous.

At this time, the role of the Aiding family came into play, and he was able to make you stand out among the many production machines of the same type.

Of course, this red and black version of the version is enough, most of the area uses a red transition black edge really has to praise this, this red and black free release, as the breakthrough of the red restricted area each a person holding a red and black faith must have a rebellious pleasure.

This kind of low-key luxury color matching is not something that ordinary people can have, because its positioning is not ordinary. Only those who are demanding to be different will think about how to get the Aiding Red and Black Commemorative Edition. The hardware configuration uses the configuration of the original iPhoneXs. Of course, the most surprising thing is that its camera is pressed between red and black. This feeling of rebellion and mystery is really the designer’s ingenuity. The work.

Don’t worry that the Aiding Red and Black Belief Edition will affect your charm. Its low-key feeling is unnaturally dissipated, and it can stand out among the mass-produced iPhoneXs. Naturally, it is not an ordinary mobile phone. Of course, the most fascinating thing about this feeling is that this phone not only represents your taste, but also represents your charm. The low-key luxury is not a big deal. The buttons of the Aiding Red and Black Beliefs are not too deliberately suppressing their own personality. The red stripes are embedded in the black border, and the red highlights highlight its charm. The core of the Aiding Red and Black Belief Edition is also the commemoration and belief. This time the color scheme is not too deviant, but a low-key. Fruit powder cheers: This border is beautiful, and with a touch of sex!

This may be the unique experience of the Aiding Red and Black Belief Edition. It only needs to be held in the palm of your hand, and you will not feel its rebellion. It seems that all its pride is gone in your hands!





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