Is it difficult to choose a laptop? Let’s take a look at the best choice of around 8,000 yuan.

Is it difficult to choose a laptop? Let’s take a look at the best choice of around 8,000 yuan.


Is it difficult to choose a laptop? Let’s take a look at the best choice of around 8,000 yuan.

The current price rise is really fast. I still remember that when I bought a notebook during school, I only needed about 4,000 yuan. Now an iPhone can reach 10,000 yuan. Most people in this series of notebooks The budget has already been sent several times 8,000 yuan, it seems to have become the lowest start, and if you really have this plan, then you may wish to take a look at these products with Xiaobian.

First of all, let’s talk about our first 2018macbookair today. In fact, many people don’t know very well that he chose to buy an Apple notebook. Here, Xiaobian suggested that everyone should first understand this in advance. Some logic and interaction of the system avoids some very big pains in the process of using it in the future.

We continue to talk about such a product. First of all, it has a brand new design and a very high value, almost close to the perfect screen. The latest product is also very suitable for graphic and video editors. And its efficiency is also very high like the quality of the previous generation of products. The current reference price on the market is about 8,450 yuan. As the latest notebook computer product released this year, Apple also configured a series of the latest technology. Compared with the products of previous years, he should be regarded as the top configuration, which can let you complete all the requirements in daily work, and the exquisite appearance can make it look very beautiful, continuing the previous MAC. A series of exquisite styles, he also has a certain understanding of his product concept, so don’t need to talk to you a few more here.

Next, I will introduce you to a very good game experience. I may have a lot of people when I first saw this product when I saw this eight-generation standard i7 and gtx1066 graphics card. It will be said that this configuration will cost as much as a few thousand dollars, and so on. In fact, we have a lot of factors to choose the game, not just the two, including its entire body. The 17.2 inch 72% color gamut, and a display with a 144 refresh rate, and its blue sky dual fan is a copper tube heat sink. It is also very powerful plus a standard solid state, and 2GB multi-zone can be adjusted A color keyboard and so on some details.

It is a very important part of choosing a game book. Of course, its market reference price is not too expensive, only 7999 yuan. This is for some people who like games and love laptops. A more acceptable price, compared to the weight of other games, its entire body does not look so cumbersome, the most easy for us to accept. Is it difficult to choose a laptop? Let’s take a look at the best choice around 8,000 yuan, you deserve it. The third one is to recommend a more traditional office computer, called HP elitebook1050g1, which is completely unacceptable to some of Apple’s logic, and is a user who is very loved by windows system, then this computer will It will be a choice for you to achieve a near-perfect business product. First of all, his all-aluminum alloy body, which can reach 100% sRGB narrow frame, is definitely the top in the industry.

Today’s Xiaobian recommended for everyone is 15.6-inch plus a gt x1050 notebook version of the 4G alone this version, a performance enough for you to complete a number of anti-counterfeiting some office tasks, and efficiency can also be greatly improved, in this The aspect seems to be more meaningful and its reference price is only 1,700,800 yuan, which seems to be more acceptable to everyone. As an old brand of this series of products, HP’s products have always been trusted by everyone. Did not let everyone have been disappointed.

In fact, as a notebook selection has always been contradictory, to meet a portable performance, and we also require its use is very powerful, then the computer that meets these conditions is usually very expensive, like some powerful This kind of book needs to reach the price of tens of thousands or even tens of thousands, and the prices of the products we introduced today are all around 8,000 yuan. Such a price is usually acceptable when we have this demand. When Xiaobian usually works, he often uses a laptop such as a office house. It can be said that he is also slightly more troublesome to him, because this screen of Xiaozhao’s small series is relatively small, and it is also a relatively troublesome use. In many cases, it needs to be close together to see clearly, so that not only for himself The body and vision are not very good. It will be easy to have cervical lumbar pain for a long time. Today, these screens are slightly larger, and they are both in the office and in the game. Not bad.



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