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Is it difficult to choose a laptop? Let’s take a look at the best choice of around 8,000 yuan.


Is it difficult to choose a laptop? Let’s take a look at the best choice of around 8,000 yuan.

The current price rise is really fast. I still remember that when I bought a notebook during school, I only needed about 4,000 yuan. Now an iPhone can reach 10,000 yuan. Most people in this series of notebooks The budget has already been sent several times 8,000 yuan, it seems to have become the lowest start, and if you really have this plan, then you may wish to take a look at these products with Xiaobian.

First of all, let’s talk about our first 2018macbookair today. In fact, many people don’t know very well that he chose to buy an Apple notebook. Here, Xiaobian suggested that everyone should first understand this in advance. Some logic and interaction of the system avoids some very big pains in the process of using it in the future.

We continue to talk about such a product. First of all, it has a brand new design and a very high value, almost close to the perfect screen. The latest product is also very suitable for graphic and video editors. And its efficiency is also very high like the quality of the previous generation of products. The current reference price on the market is about 8,450 yuan. As the latest notebook computer product released this year, Apple also configured a series of the latest technology. Compared with the products of previous years, he should be regarded as the top configuration, which can let you complete all the requirements in daily work, and the exquisite appearance can make it look very beautiful, continuing the previous MAC. A series of exquisite styles, he also has a certain understanding of his product concept, so don’t need to talk to you a few more here.

Next, I will introduce you to a very good game experience. I may have a lot of people when I first saw this product when I saw this eight-generation standard i7 and gtx1066 graphics card. It will be said that this configuration will cost as much as a few thousand dollars, and so on. In fact, we have a lot of factors to choose the game, not just the two, including its entire body. The 17.2 inch 72% color gamut, and a display with a 144 refresh rate, and its blue sky dual fan is a copper tube heat sink. It is also very powerful plus a standard solid state, and 2GB multi-zone can be adjusted A color keyboard and so on some details.

It is a very important part of choosing a game book. Of course, its market reference price is not too expensive, only 7999 yuan. This is for some people who like games and love laptops. A more acceptable price, compared to the weight of other games, its entire body does not look so cumbersome, the most easy for us to accept. Is it difficult to choose a laptop? Let’s take a look at the best choice around 8,000 yuan, you deserve it. The third one is to recommend a more traditional office computer, called HP elitebook1050g1, which is completely unacceptable to some of Apple’s logic, and is a user who is very loved by windows system, then this computer will It will be a choice for you to achieve a near-perfect business product. First of all, his all-aluminum alloy body, which can reach 100% sRGB narrow frame, is definitely the top in the industry.

Today’s Xiaobian recommended for everyone is 15.6-inch plus a gt x1050 notebook version of the 4G alone this version, a performance enough for you to complete a number of anti-counterfeiting some office tasks, and efficiency can also be greatly improved, in this The aspect seems to be more meaningful and its reference price is only 1,700,800 yuan, which seems to be more acceptable to everyone. As an old brand of this series of products, HP’s products have always been trusted by everyone. Did not let everyone have been disappointed.

In fact, as a notebook selection has always been contradictory, to meet a portable performance, and we also require its use is very powerful, then the computer that meets these conditions is usually very expensive, like some powerful This kind of book needs to reach the price of tens of thousands or even tens of thousands, and the prices of the products we introduced today are all around 8,000 yuan. Such a price is usually acceptable when we have this demand. When Xiaobian usually works, he often uses a laptop such as a office house. It can be said that he is also slightly more troublesome to him, because this screen of Xiaozhao’s small series is relatively small, and it is also a relatively troublesome use. In many cases, it needs to be close together to see clearly, so that not only for himself The body and vision are not very good. It will be easy to have cervical lumbar pain for a long time. Today, these screens are slightly larger, and they are both in the office and in the game. Not bad.


Small magnets hidden in iPhone and iPad devices are far more important than you think


Small magnets hidden in iPhone and iPad devices are far more important than you think

Concise, consistent, less and better, flexible use of materials… Various discussions about Apple product design always revolve around a few key words, in fact, these are also intuitive for most people on devices such as iPhone, iPad and MacBook. Feel.

Most of the manifestations of these ideas are revealed. For example, the use of white injection molding, silver aluminum alloy materials, around the simple tone set by Apple; or Apple will always find ways to hide various screws, reduce external openings, and erase the seam as much as possible, for It is able to guarantee an integrated appearance and get rid of the splitting of the mechanical structure.

However, product design does not stop at the parts we can see, and some are invisible. For example, the Taptic Engine delivers the delicate vibration of the palm, and the linear motor inside the fuselage. The iPhone X realizes a four-sided wide rounded full screen, and ordinary people will not know the better packaging technology it uses.

Sometimes, these design improvements from inside Apple products are more important than changes visible to the naked eye. After all, simply pursuing a new form is just a visual “good-looking”, but whether the product can bring people the “comfort” in the experience, it needs a lot of internal details. Careful and elegant.

And what we want to say this time is some small magnets placed inside the body of the iPhone, iPad and MacBook by Apple. These inconspicuous raw materials are rarely mentioned, but in fact, they have always been a negligible presence in the design of Apple products.

The iPad Pro can be used as a refrigerator because the apple is stuffed with 102 magnets.

After the launch of the new iPad Pro in November 2018, the netizens who started the show showed an alternative way of playing, which is to use it as a refrigerator sticker.

Perhaps the most expensive refrigerator sticker in history

This is of course a costly spoof, but why the iPad can be attached to the refrigerator has become a topic of discussion among netizens. Obviously, like the refrigerator sticker, the iPad itself is a large magnet.

Later, including the disassembly report of iFixit and the magnetic pole viewer of Marques Brownlee, the owner also found that Apple has stuffed a large number of small magnetic blocks in the new iPad Pro. These magnets are neatly distributed around the four speakers of the fuselage. Some of them are placed on the left and right sides, so that the external keyboard case and Apple Pencil can be stably attached to the iPad Pro.

Apple’s iPad Pro video specifically describes the use of these magnets

Apple also mentioned this in the official introduction video: “In order to keep the iPad and other accessories as close as possible, we used 102 magnets, and everything was precisely aligned and integrated.”

From the experience of the iPad Pro, these magnets are mainly used for four purposes: one is to attach the protective cover to the back of the fuselage, and the second is to fix the Apple Pencil at the top, while retaining the original uncovering Wake up, and the Smart Connector keyboard connects these two features.

And you should now find that the advantage of magnets is that even if it provides a very limited adsorption strength, it allows Apple to stick external components and products without relying on structures such as snaps or shackles. It also ensures that the shape of the product itself is sufficiently refined and unobtrusive.

However, the magnet’s adsorption for the iPad is just one of Apple’s attempts at magnetic materials. To say that it is used earlier and even more extensively, we have to go back to the Apple laptop era more than 20 years ago.

The first notebook that Jobs launched after returning to Apple, replaced the buckle with a magnet

In 1997, Steve Jobs, who returned to Apple, drew the famous four-quadrant strategy map on the blackboard, listing ordinary users, professional users, desktop computers and laptops on both sides of the X/Y axis, and then said: We will make a product for these four groups, and other products that are not in this range can be cut off.”

The original iBook, also one of the predecessors of the MacBook, became Apple’s notebook product for ordinary users.

To emphasize fashion and personalization, Apple used a new polycarbonate case on the first generation iBook. This colorful translucent body, combined with a slightly exaggerated large arc casing, gave the device a unique affinity in the then cold personal laptop market and is still one of Apple’s most classic products.

But our focus this time is on the closed design of the iBook. At that time, the mainstream laptops would design a buckle at the top of the screen, which can also be called a latch, in order to make the notebook fit better when it is closed, and also for anti-drop and safety considerations.

However, Apple canceled the design on the iBook, which made it the first personal laptop without a latch design.

On the one hand, this is related to its handle-style hinge, the screen can be closed more tightly; on the other hand, Apple also added the design of the reed switch at the top of the screen and the palm rest, when the screen is about to close, the upper and lower Part of it will produce magnetic induction, which is used to achieve automatic sleep.

But this design Apple only used one generation. In the subsequent iBook G3 Snow, Apple turned back to the tough design style, while retaining the reed switch, also brought the latch back.

When the screen is about to close, the hook will pop up automatically because of the magnetic adsorption below.

However, the new latch also introduces magnetic characteristics, so that the internal hook will pop up when the screen is about to be snapped, and it can be hidden in the groove when not in use.

As for now, the hinge technology is more mature, naturally no need to design the latch; as for the reed switch is replaced by a new Hall sensor, relying on magnetic induction to achieve the function of the screen is also relatively small things gradually became the mainstream.

Of course, this magnetic design is not completely without problems. Apple has posted an announcement on the official website stating that if you place a device containing a magnet under a Mac laptop or palm rest, it may wake up the magnetic sensor and cause the computer to automatically go to sleep.

However, in the case of a light sensor, modern notebooks will be more comprehensive in terms of the opening and closing screen, and not only rely on magnetic induction.

If you really want to know if there is a magnet in your computer, you can also take an object such as an Apple Watch or a paper clip that reacts to the magnetic element and move slowly along the edge of the palm rest of the notebook. That sucking power.

From MagSafe to Smart Cover, magnets have become frequent visitors to Apple devices

After seeing the potential of the magnet as a raw material, Apple began to apply this closure and adsorption effect to other components, including the well-known MagSafe charging interface.

In 2006, Apple demonstrated this new magnetic adsorption interface at the MacWorld conference. As we mentioned in the article “MagSafe and its magnetic adsorption era”, thanks to the magnetic effect, when the MagSafe connector and the MacBook’s power port are close enough, it will automatically “adsorb”.

You don’t even have to focus on the position of the interface, but instead create a feeling of being “pushed” by the connector. And when you don’t need it, it can easily separate from the fuselage and “fall off”, so that many people completely get rid of the days of being stumped by the power cord.

Even now, USB-C has become a new mainstream, and it does not prevent MagSafe from being one of the few designs in the history of MacBook products that can’t be separated from the past. It reflects Apple’s attention to those insignificant details.

Today, there are devices like the Microsoft Surface tablet that also introduce magnetic properties into their own power connectors and stylus. We are not sure, we will see the emergence of the USB-C interface with magnetic adsorption in the future.

On the other hand, with the rise of mobile devices, Apple is also increasingly good at using magnetic adsorption capabilities in addition to MacBook products.

In March 2011, when Apple released the iPad 2, it customized a protective cover called Smart Cover. As with MagSafe, you simply attach the lid to the edge of the iPad and its metal hinge will automatically snap to the side of the panel.

Those small black blocks are magnets hidden inside. Image from: iFixit

Interestingly, at the time, iFixit also found a magnetic pole observation piece when disassembling. It also clearly saw the small magnet inside the Smart Cover and iPad 2. The total of the two parts was 31.

This may seem simple, but we can’t ignore the effects of magnets on other electronic components. And Apple can only find a balance between the number of magnets and the bonding strength, so that the device and the protective cover can not only fit accurately, but also not easy to fall off.

At the same time, since the Smart Cover also has a built-in Hall sensor, the iPad screen will be automatically lit when you uncover the cover, and the iPad will automatically enter the screen when it is closed. This magnetic sensing feature can also be seen in the current iPhone official leather case.

Then, the magnet gradually became a “frequent visitor” in Apple equipment. Basically, as long as there is a need for adsorption and closure, you can see the magnet. For example, the magnetic charging line of Apple Watch does not need precise alignment. As long as the connector is close to the back of the case, it can be automatically attracted into place.

There are also two generations of Apple Pencil, which are also inseparable from magnets. The difference is that the first generation of Apple Pencil only used the magnet on the part of the charging pen cover, while the second generation built three magnets on the flat side of the pen body, so that it can be attached to the side of the iPad Pro, and indirectly obtained. With the ability to wirelessly charge, the experience is undoubtedly better and more elegant than before.

The top cover of the AirPods charging box also contains four magnets. Image from: iFixit

As for the opening and closing of the AirPods charging case cover, the Apple Watch’s modern wind buckle and Milanese strap design, as well as many third-party accessories, we seem to have become accustomed to the magnetic connection characteristics.

It is no exaggeration to say that as long as there is a magnet, Apple can try to avoid the integration of the appearance of the product as much as possible, and at the same time give them the function of expanding the connection.

More importantly, for most users who are using Apple devices, they may not notice the presence of magnets when they connect their products to their accessories.

This implicit maintenance is obviously the greatest value of magnets for Apple equipment, and it is also a precious part of this kind of raw materials.


Windows 10 version of the Opteron 8180 processor, this may be the best choice for laptops


Windows 10 version of the Opteron 8180 processor, this may be the best choice for laptops

Recently, the Snapdragon PC processor optimized by the Snapdragon processor was launched. According to the American chip company, this is a powerful notebook core processor. It is said that the powerful Snapdragon 8180 processor is designed for high-end PCs. Designed for laptops. It is currently being used in conjunction with Windows 10 in later laptops.

According to information, Qualcomm and Microsoft are working closely together to develop next-generation processors that drive Always Connected PCs. And the rumored Snapdragon 8180 processor with a maximum power of 15 watts, the performance is as good as the Intel U series Core i5 and i7 chips.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 8180 processor has an amazing 8.5 billion transistors with a 7nm process and a chip size of 20x15mm. American experts said that in the future, in the field of notebook computer core chips, it will no longer be the two tigers, but the three countries.

It is reported that the cooperation between Microsoft and Qualcomm is mainly based on ARM’s Windows 10 laptop. The Always Connected PC is similar to Intel’s 2-in-1 notebook, but the key difference is the combination of Windows 10 and the Opteron 8180 processor.

Microsoft’s future deployment of the Windows 10 notebook market on the ARM project is unfolding, and the Snapdragon 8180 processor is the main killer weapon for the Microsoft Windows 10 laptop project.

Unlike traditional PC laptops, Windows 10 in the ARM project is optimized for laptop battery life and Internet connectivity, and these features are still available on the window system. These things will be handled by the Opteron 8180 processor in the future. To solve these problems.

Therefore, Microsoft content sources said that waiting for the Windows 10 laptop and the Snapdragon 8180 processor to go online, this may be the most popular notebook computer in the PC industry, and the Snapdragon 8180 will become the best choice for notebook computers.


Almighty Doer Mate Book 13 Your work life is a good companion


Almighty Doer Mate Book 13 Your work life is a good companion

With the development of technology, notebooks are now the first choice for consumers to purchase personal computers. It is light and portable, beautiful and stylish, and its performance can meet the performance needs of most entertainment and work. It is a good companion for games and office.

In recent years, popular elements such as narrow borders, high color gamut and full screen have entered the notebook market. In addition, many mobile phone manufacturers have started to use laptops across the border, making the current notebooks more and more valuable and more diverse. Users have brought a lot of surprises. Among them, the thin and light version is a master of the advantages of mobile phones and notebooks, and Huawei Mate Book 13 is such a product.

As a 13-inch thin and light notebook, Huawei Mate Book 13 has a comprehensive screen design, as well as Huawei Share 3.0 one-click touch, fingerprint unlocking and other functions, its price is between 4999-6399 yuan according to different configurations, for mainstream consumers said that the price is higher. This high-popular, powerful mainstream price notebook, is it like you like it?

Huawei Mate Book 13 adopts all-metal body plus four-sided diamond cutting and chamfering and delicate ceramic sandblasting process. It is ultra-modern and minimalist. It is light and thin and compatible with performance. It is comfortable to hold and feels natural. , deep gray ash and cherry powder gold are available. The body is designed for light and portable, measuring only 286mm × 211mm × 14.9mm, the area is slightly smaller than A4 paper, can be easily put into the file bag, about 1.3kg body weight is also relatively light. Such a thin and stylish Huawei Mate Book 13 is definitely a tool for mobile office and quality.

Huawei Mate Book 13 high value not only stems from the thin and stylish body, but also reflected in this 13-inch screen. The new Mate Book 13 uses a market-less 3:2 screen, which is more suitable for office use than the traditional 16:9 screen. The resolution is up to 2K (2160*1440), the color gamut is 100% sRGB, and the brightness is up to 300 nits. , brought us a vast and vivid visual experience. At the same time the B side of Mate Book 13 adopts a comprehensive screen design with 4.4mm ultra-narrow bezel, and the screen ratio reaches 88%. The screen of Mate Book 13 is more suitable for office, and multi-window browsing is more convenient. It can be said that with this screen alone, Mate Book 13 is enough to stand out in the same price.

Huawei Mate Book 13 is not only high in value, but also in performance. It uses the latest i5-8265U 4-core 8-thread processor to complete the office tasks. And you can choose the full-blood MX150 with 25W power consumption alone, graphics, game performance leading a group of 13-inch thin and light, run professional software, play mainstream online games are no problem. The whole system comes standard with 8G memory, and optional 256G or 512G ultra-fast solid state drive makes the Mate Book 13 run more smoothly.

Huawei MateBook 13 has so many highlights, and it is absolutely indispensable that Huawei Share 3.0 “one touch” is the “black technology.” A HUAWEI Share tag is attached to the right wrist rest. The Huawei mobile phone with NFC function and EMUI9.0 version can be used to transfer video and picture files. It takes only 2 minutes to transfer 1000 pictures. This feature is definitely a boon for Huawei mobile phone users who have big data office needs.

To ensure stable and efficient operation, Huawei MateBook 13 naturally needs an excellent cooling system. The MateBook 13 uses a CPU and GPU heat source separation design. It is equipped with a Huawei shark fin fan version 2.0 through an intelligent linkage system with dual fans and dual heat pipes to effectively reduce the machine temperature. In order to achieve more efficient heat dissipation, the shark fin fan 2.0 blade adopts a shark-like fin design, which can effectively increase the fan speed, and the overall air volume is increased by 25%. The speed is faster, the air volume is larger, and the heat dissipation is more efficient. This kind of heat dissipation performance is enough to keep the i5 processor and MX150 in the best condition and play all the strengths.

Huawei MateBook 13 also has a lot of highlights designed to take care of many aspects of user usage:

With 42Wh large capacity battery, and support fast charging, charging for 15 minutes to maintain daily office use for 2.5 hours;

Using the fingerprint power button, through the depth optimization of the BIOS, allows the user to turn on the power and log on the computer with one button, safe and convenient;

Dolby panoramic sound dual speakers, can vividly restore every detail of the sound, the sound is agile, “sound” moving horizon;

Portable USB-C port 65W charger, can provide 18W (9V/2A) charging support for mobile phones, with a charging head.

Summary Huawei MateBook 13 has a high value and productivity, can be said to be a thin and light notebook to be built as a mobile phone. The integration of high color gamut, full screen and other elements, coupled with Huawei’s Share 3.0 and other convenient features, Huawei MateBook 13 can bring us a lot of convenience. This is also Huawei’s choice – to create an ecosystem of mobile phones and notebooks, so that technology can better serve life.

Huawei Mate20pro but I still want to buy iPhoneX


Huawei Mate20pro but I still want to buy iPhoneX

With the continuous enhancement of comprehensive strength, Huawei now dominates the domestic low-end market, and high-end machines have achieved quite good results. This year, shipments reached 200 million units, surpassing Apple to become the world’s second largest smartphone. Manufacturer. However, there is still a voice on the Internet that does not trust Huawei. For example, someone published an article in the forum titled “Huawei Mate20pro Sorry, I still want to buy iPhoneX”. After comprehensive analysis, the author summarizes the main points.

This year’s Mate20pro is Huawei’s strongest flagship, and Yu Chengdong has given the goal of 20 million units of sales, indicating that both the design and the hardware configuration are all down. On the one hand, Mate20pro uses a four-curved glass back shell with special texture, which is bright and radiant under the illumination of light. With the smooth transition of the aluminum middle frame, the edge gap of the whole machine transitions smoothly, supporting a certain level of waterproof and dustproof, and 6.39 The inch full visual curved screen also brings a good visual experience. On the other hand, Huawei Mate20 has a Leica-certified 64 million ultra-wide-angle three-shot. Under the super-handheld night scene, the imaging resolution is really remarkable. The 4200 mAh battery and the 40W super fast charge are all highlights. The new machine king of the country should have the momentum.

Huawei Mate20pro minimum price is 5399 yuan, this price is relatively large compared to the previous generation, plus the release has been nearly two months is still not in stock, the status of the scalper increase and snapped up has not eased, Again, again and again, it really tests people’s patience, so “I am trying to support Apple when I take the iPhoneX down to the historical low price.”

First of all, iPhoneX as Apple’s 10th anniversary product last year, has a good commemorative value, scalpel-grade stainless steel middle frame and double-sided glass combination, with large rounded OLED screen, visual integration is stronger than the curved Mate20pro, film difficulty and The possibility of screen explosion is also greatly reduced; secondly, iPhoneX is equipped with A11 bionic processor and running the latest version of IOS12 system. This kind of soft and hard combination is better than Mate20pro in daily app opening speed or game experience. After that, it must be changed. This is a well-known thing. Of course, the iPhoneX has dropped from 8388 yuan to 6599 yuan. It is also possible to get the mobile phone in the first time without waiting, fair and conscience.

According to netizens, he recognized the achievements of Huawei and confirmed the comprehensive performance of Mate20pro. After the iPhoneX, I still feel that the former is not as good as the latter in hardware and software. Although the price difference is nearly 1,000 yuan, considering the spot and After using the factors of three or five years, I finally chose the Apple mobile phone. It is regrettable that I don’t want to support it.

The difference between Huawei’s four series of mobile phones, glory, mate, Nova, and Maimang


The difference between Huawei’s four series of mobile phones, glory, mate, Nova, and Maimang

When it comes to domestic mobile phones, we will definitely mention domestic first- and second-tier mobile phone manufacturers such as Huawei, Xiaomi and OPPO. As a representative of domestic mobile phones, Huawei can be said to have done a good job in recent years. It has made its own brand features in the research and development of chips, systems and performance. At present, it has reached the top three positions in global sales. It is no exaggeration to say that Huawei has become the light of Chinese mobile phones.

Until now, there may be many netizens who can’t figure out the relationship between Huawei and glory, thinking that this is two independent brands. Because glory mobile phones have always adopted the English logo designed independently, in fact, glory mobile phone is only a series of Huawei mobile phones. Of course, this is Huawei’s use of this multiple different series of mobile phones in order to better meet the needs of different groups of people. The problem that many people can’t understand is that the six series of Huawei series, Maiman series, Nova series and imaginary series, mate series, etc. are different, and they are suitable for different people, so I will give you the following. Explain four of them.

Mate series

First of all, our first explanation is the hot mate series this year. Its mate 20 is called “the king of the machine” because of its high performance. The mate series of mobile phones can be said to be one of Huawei’s favorite series in many series. It is also a high-end consumer group. The positioning given at the beginning is simple and magnificent. This point is also favored by many young people. It is not only difficult to see how popular it is in domestic sales this year.

Maimang series

Compared to the mate series, Maimang seems to be a lot of restrained. Its main consumer group is campus students and second-tier city consumers, so the price will tend to be cheaper. But because there is no other series of input costs, the overall appearance of Maimang is only in a state of normality. Its series of mobile phones mainly cooperate with the three major operators in China, especially with Chinese telecom operators. Have you bought a mobile phone from the Maiman series during the student days.

Nova Collection

In the past two years, because Huawei’s various series have been doing well, in order to compete with other domestic first-line mobile phone brands, it has launched a new Nova series. This series of mobile phones is mainly aimed at the fast-fashioning young group, not only to improve the camera and optimize the lens, but also to focus on the sound quality and appearance of the mobile phone. In order to better attract young consumers, Huawei has also invested in a number of well-known celebrity advertisements, which has greatly increased its popularity in the market. If you are a member of the trend army, you will also like the Nova series that makes you shine.

Glory Digital Series

As the glory series of Huawei sales champions, its digital series mobile phones can say that the number of users has been rising in the past two years. The digital series of mobile phones can be said to have many advantages such as comprehensive cost performance and trend. From the overall point of view, it can be said that it has the appearance experience of combining both the atmosphere and the colorful. It is mainly the sales road, it is a real discount in terms of price, so it seems that its cost performance is also higher than other series. In terms of performance, it has already achieved a close match with Xiaomi.

Which of the above four Huawei mobile phones do you prefer? Welcome to comment on the Huawei series mobile phone you used below~ Let’s discuss it with everyone.

Huawei OPPO is challenged Zero border IP68 waterproof Snapdragon 720 Samsung Conscience


Huawei OPPO is challenged Zero border IP68 waterproof Snapdragon 720 Samsung Conscience

With the development of the times, all aspects of people’s daily lives have undergone earth-shaking changes, especially with the advent of the intelligent machine era, people’s perception of mobile phones is no longer a simple communication device. In the current era, mobile phones are tools that can satisfy people’s various audio-visual entertainments. Therefore, consumers are increasingly demanding mobile phones. Many mobile phone developers are designed to meet the needs of consumers in the design of screens. Various poses. When it comes to the design of the mobile phone screen, you have to mention the Samsung mobile phone. The screen design of the Samsung mobile phone is very personal. Recently, there is a foreign media exposure of a new Samsung concept machine, a Samsung power At present, the relevant renderings and materials of the aircraft will be exposed.

In the design of the screen, Huawei OPPO was challenged, why do you say this, because the most popular design is Huawei’s left drilling screen, and OPPO’s water drop screen design, but this time Samsung will be even better. As can be seen from the renderings, the screen of this new Samsung machine uses the design of the drilling screen, and is different from the common drilling screen design. The holes of the common drilling screen design are relatively small. The hole in this new Samsung machine is designed to be very large and directly embedded in the middle position, which is very beautiful. According to the data, the Samsung’s new screen has a screen size of 6.3 inches. The display is equipped with an OLED flexible display. It is not equipped with a SUPER AMOLED screen that is often equipped with a Samsung mobile phone. The screen width of this new Samsung machine is high. Compared with the ratio of 19:9, the resolution of the screen is 2K HD resolution, which is a high-value mobile phone.


In addition to the design, Huawei OPPO is challenged, as well as hardware and technology. Most mobile phones designed for drilling screens are equipped with a front camera on the front camera function, and the pixels are not too high, but the front camera of the camera is very large. According to the data, the Samsung’s new front-facing camera has 26 million pixels of pixels, equipped with the latest AI beauty system, which supports automatic switching and filling of scenes, and can adopt different beauty schemes according to different faces. This new Samsung machine also adopts COP packaging technology, which achieves a narrow and borderless design on four sides, and achieves a true zero border design. There is no speaker assembly on the upper frame of the machine, which means that the machine uses the under-screen sound technology, and the machine also integrates face recognition technology into the front camera.

As can be seen from the renderings, the rear camera of this new Samsung machine is rear-mounted dual-camera. In the mobile phone market in recent years, the rear camera functions of mobile phones are mostly three-shot and rear-mounted. Double shot, but since the beginning of this year, the rear three shots are the current mainstream, so the rear camera function of this new Samsung machine is considered to be a flaw in the machine, except for the two rear cameras on the back of the machine. There is also an LED flash unit, three components arranged side by side in the middle of the back of the fuselage, this Samsung new camera rear camera pixels: 24 million + 12 million pixels, equipped with HDR high dynamic shooting technology, can help users shoot The perfect photo.

Samsung’s face recognition unlocking function is very good, or Samsung’s unique face recognition unlocking technology, and in the current mobile phone market, basically every mobile phone will support the face recognition unlocking function, and the face The recognition and unlocking function is also one of the most popular mobile phone unlocking functions. This Samsung new machine supports the face recognition unlocking function and the fingerprint unlocking function in the unlocking function. It is unique to the Samsung mobile phone in the face recognition unlocking function. The technology is equipped with iris face recognition technology. This technology detects the user’s identity by scanning the iris in the user’s eyes. The machine also uses the screen fingerprint unlock technology to support the fingerprint unlock function.

The body of this new Samsung machine is made of glass. The material used is the sixth generation of Corning Gorilla. The back of the machine has no unique design. Like the anti-drug mobile phone, the back of the fuselage is solid. It looks very monotonous and clean. This new Samsung machine also supports IP68 waterproof and dustproof technology, and also retains the 3.5mm headphone jack design. This Samsung new machine has excellent endurance, and it is equipped with a piece. The 4000 mAh battery is also equipped with super fast charging technology. In terms of the battery capacity of this machine, it is only about 40 minutes to fully charge the mobile phone with this charging technology.

The most important part of a mobile phone is the performance configuration. The performance configuration is related to the running speed of the mobile phone, the user experience, and the performance configuration of a mobile phone is also related to the pricing problem of this mobile phone, and this Samsung new machine Performance configuration, although not comparable to some flagship machines, but has been able to compare with many current mobile phones, this Samsung new machine is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 720 processor, the performance of this processor is still very good, fully capable To meet the consumer’s requirements for mobile phone performance, this Samsung new machine starts with 6GB of memory and supports up to 8GB of storage memory. The machine’s storage memory starts with 64GB and supports up to 256GB of storage memory.

Huawei was challenged 81 million liquid cooling 2048GB 5000mAh flagship black horse bright sword


Huawei was challenged 81 million liquid cooling 2048GB 5000mAh flagship black horse bright sword

In the past two years, mobile phones have been “hot” than volcanoes. From big brothers to straight-screen button phones to shuttle phone phones to flip phones and now to all kinds of smart phones, the old models can only communicate and text messages. Now the elderly are spending their free time in the circle of friends, technology is progressing, human beings are developing, many brands are being eliminated in the rapids, and many brands are becoming stronger and stronger, such as “Apple”. The words “Samsung”, “Huawei” and “vivo” are all around the world every day. They all occupy a large part of the market in China and overseas. So today’s Xiaobian brings a Samsung S series. The new machine, named Samsung S10 plus, looks very good when you look at the name! Listen to Xiaobian’s martyrdom:

The strength of Samsung’s new machine is reappearing. When it comes to mobile phone screens, everyone should know that Samsung’s own screen is the smashing of the screen of the mobile phone industry. Ninety percent of the mobile phones on the market use Samsung’s screen. So as a home, Samsung’s all mobile phone screens are undoubtedly using their own many mobile phone manufacturers can be enviable. Samsung 10plus screen uses ultra-advanced AMOLED capacitive touch screen design, the sensitivity is very high, the screen is based on the most popular curved screen full screen design. The screen size of the machine is 6 inches, the screen color is up to 16 million color values, and the appearance is quite amazing. The back is made of glass material, which not only resists falling and strong pressure, but also has a delicate touch, giving a different visual sensory experience.

Huawei was challenged, and the drilling screen design made Huawei look at it and was challenged. From the design of the foreign media exposure, it is a small-sized eye, her front camera is actually in the upper right corner of the screen, Xiaobian has never seen the front camera in the upper right, and this S10 plus is also equipped with a front dual camera, arranged side by side, the effective pixels of the two cameras reach 20 million + 20 million pixels, and the aircraft is also equipped with AI smart technology, HDR self-photographing and automatic filter beauty technology And with the colorful surface magic screen, it is the perfect collision between beauty and technology! And the machine is also a very good design method in the lens shooting technology.

Samsung is really a big move this time, this Samsung S10 plus’s rear camera can be described as subversive, from the exposure design, the machine is equipped with a rear four-shot lens horizontally side by side arrangement, wow… This is the first mobile phone on the market with a rear four-shot lens. It’s too big! It is more than one grade higher than Note9, and the pixel of the rear lens of this new machine reaches 40 million +1600 + 13 million + 12 million = 81 million pixels. Beside the rear four-shot lens, it is also equipped with an LED flash and a heart rate sensor. It is a concern for your heart rate changes. This is another highlight of the new machine.

Samsung’s new machine began to shine the flagship ace, Samsung S10 plus has broken through the long-standing principle, the previous Note series, Galaxy A series have maintained a consistent unique style to design fingerprint technology on the back of the screen. This new machine has subverted all previous designs, with off-screen fingerprint recognition technology, walking at the forefront of the trend, and making the appearance more beautiful. The Samsung S10 plus body uses the sixth generation of Corning Gorilla glass, and the whole machine looks more delicate and stylish. From the parameters of the exposure, the machine is also equipped with face recognition, these design styles are one of the most popular design methods.

Samsung’s new machine is amazing, the design of the exposure, the body material of this new Samsung machine is matched with the glass material to design its body, the glass material is the Connie Gorilla 6 material, and the more explosive is said to be built-in 5000mAh large battery, and equipped with the latest wireless charging technology and 9V fast charging technology, also supports IP68 waterproof function. Seriously, it’s really a fighter in a mobile phone! The fuselage is said to have the design of the most popular new gradient color machine this year. This Samsung new machine also incorporates the technology of liquid cooling, ensuring the principle of ironing in the use of new machines, and doing a good calculation. Thermal effect.

The flagship dark horse bright sword, hardware processor, Samsung is even brightly forgotten, Samsung S10 plus from the exposure of the design on the map to win, not only the performance is matched with the Xiaolong 855 processor and Orion 9820 processor, while running The aspect is matched with 6GB/8GB running memory and storage memory 128GB, 256GB starting space, it is said that the maximum support for 2018GB of large space, whether it is scared, if it is true, then create a mobile phone on the market “The most”. The machine is also equipped with wireless charging technology, ready to charge at any time, but also with the fast charging technology of QC5.0, small writing is very exciting. The performance and value of this new Samsung machine is extremely powerful. Huawei was challenged. The machine was listed as a flagship black horse with a parameter of 81 million+ liquid cooling +2048GB+5000mAh. Samsung S10 plus striking strikes, to be honest, Xiaobian has been shocked by this powerful configuration, powerful configuration is almost equal to the computer, I believe that a listing will definitely kill the high-end machine on the market in an instant, this should prove a word “a blockbuster “This is a qualitative leap!” Such a tall mobile phone, it is said that the color will choose the most popular gradient color this year, but the pricing is still not clear, what price do you expect?


Huawei can’t wait for defense 76 million 10G transport core 6000mAh new flagship surprise


Huawei can’t wait for defense 76 million 10G transport core 6000mAh new flagship surprise

What about my mobile phone? Every day, many people around are looking for mobile phones. Every day, the news will always see a lot of people crashing into the car, dropping the ditch, and throwing a lot of accident news. Xiao Bian can’t imagine how the “mobile phone” will develop in the future, and what impact it will have on people’s lives. Just in life, mobile phones are indispensable, just reminding everyone to play mobile phones is still appropriate, Personal safety is the first. Today, Xiaobian will take you to talk about our domestic mobile phone, “ONEPLUS”, is not a lot of people have not heard, she is a domestic brand, so we still need to understand, today Xiaobian for everyone to bring It is a new machine from ONEPLUS called “One Plus 7”.

One Plus (ONEPLUS) is a relatively special existence in the rise of domestic mobile phones in recent years. It was born in China but became popular abroad, occupying a large part of the overseas market, but this year is also a direct pursuit of the domestic market. One plus 7 is about to be fierce. From the exposure map, it is just a screen that makes Xiaobian stunned. The machine uses a super AMOLED high-capacity screen with a full-screen touch screen design, which is almost 100% of the screen. Now on the market. I haven’t seen a real 100% full screen yet. The screen size of 6 inches, the screen aspect ratio of 19.5:9 design, is not super slender, smooth as water, directly a miracle in the phone.

One plus 7 strength bursts, from the design of the foreign media exposure, it can be brightly smudged Xiaobian eyes, at first glance, the whole screen is crystal clear, then Xiaobian is very curious, no front camera ? Look carefully, wow… the front camera is actually hidden, the machine is equipped with a front pop-up dual-lens lens, Xiaobian is really long-sighted, she is like a card slot, when taking a photo, press the next double.The camera pops up and is arranged side by side in the horizontal direction, with the LED flash on the right. And the machine’s front dual-shot effective pixels reach 20 million + 8 million pixels dual lens matching, and equipped with AI smart technology and HDR camera technology.

Huawei can’t prevent it. This one-plus mobile phone enlargement move can be described as a trick and then a move. This one plus 7 rear camera is equipped with a rear three-camera camera. The three cameras are arranged vertically in the upper part of the back of the screen. There is also an LED flash in the middle. This design method is officially the most popular design on the market. Moreover, the effective lens of the rear lens of this new machine reaches 23 million + 1200 + 41 million = 76 million pixels, the machine also supports 12X optical zoom technology and OIS optical image stabilization technology, this one plus new machine in zoom technology It is still very good.

One plus one flagship new machine subverted debut, this one plus seven new machine subverts all previous designs, with front-end pop-up dual-lens lens, also equipped with the latest and most current screen fingerprint recognition results technology, is equipped with Face recognition technology leads people to the forefront of the trend, making the overall appearance more beautiful, and other mobile phones simply can’t be embarrassed. This one plus 7 mobile phone body is also using Corning’s latest gorilla sixth generation glass material, the whole machine looks more smooth and stylish, simple atmosphere. The design of the aircraft is still very powerful under certain conditions, and it is also a new machine worthy of everyone’s expectations.

One plus 7 can attract thousands of people from the exposure design. Not only is the performance matched with the Snapdragon 855 processor, but also the running memory and storage memory of 128GB and 256GB. The running space is said to support a large space of 512GB, which is so high-end atmosphere. More worth mentioning is that it is said to have a built-in 6000mAh large battery, and is equipped with the latest wireless charging technology and 9V fast charging technology, and also supports IP68 level super waterproof function. Certainly it will set off a storm in the mobile phone industry. On the hardware processor, this one is also a huge sum of money to complete this machine, this one plus 7 equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon’s latest generation 855 processor, is currently the highest processor in Qualcomm Snapdragon, in Performance is comparable to computer processors. The machine is also equipped with Android 9.0 system and is expected to be equipped with 5G chip, it is equipped with wireless charging technology, with QC5.0 fast charging technology, in addition to support Bluetooth 5.0 technology, AI artificial intelligence technology, OIS anti-shake technology and PDAF focusing technology Wait, Xiaobian feels that such a good machine is worthy of many excellent people.


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